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[PL] Kto widzial moja binarke? - SEConference 2013, Krakow (Who saw my binary?)
[PL] Nie wlaczaj sie, zabezpiecz sie - SecurityBSides 2013, Warsaw
Malware Calling - Botconf 2013, Nantes
[PL] Letnie faktury - SecurityBSides 2014, Warsaw (Summery Invoices)
[PL] Letnie faktury - Secure 2014, Warsaw (Summery Invoices)
ZeuS meets VM - Botconf 2014,Nancy
[PL] Unpacking: od sztuki do rzemiosla - SecurityBSides 2015,Warsaw (Unpacking: from art to craftsmanship)
[PL] Unpacking: od sztuki do rzemiosla - Secure 2015,Warsaw (Unpacking: from art to craftsmanship)
Nymaim: the untold story - VirusBulletin 2016,Denver
[PL] ELFie brudne sztuczki - SecurityBSides 2016, Warsaw (ELF's dirty tricks)
[PL] ELFie brudne sztuczki - Secure 2016, Warsaw (ELF's dirty tricks)
ISFB, Still Live and Kicking - Botconf 2016, Lyon [PAPER]
Behind enemy lines: funny bugs and exploits from inside criminal's infrastructure. - SAS 2017, St. Mareen
In Cyber trenches, stories from firing range - x33fcon 2017, Gdansk
[KEYNOTE] Going directly for the goods: crash course on rapid malware analysis - MRE 2017, Melburne, Australia
Unpacking Part2: from craftsmanship to manufacturing - MRE 2017, Melburne, Australia
CERT.pl, the fence between your money and criminals - MRE 2017, Ballarat, Australia